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Earn points when you spend
Earn points when you spend
Earn points when you spend
Earn points when you spend
Earn points when you spend
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How to Shop

How to Shop

You need to register with Nowtelcards before you can start shopping, after you have registered you can start straight away.


Your purchased pins will be emailed to you instantly or you can find all your purchase pins stored safely in your account at any time.


How to Earn Points
Each time you shop, you will earn more points to purchase phone cards through the Nowtelcards website, on average you will earn 25 points for every £5 you spend; 500 points are equivalent to a £5 Talk Home card.

Nowtelcards point system can be redeemed or used in the following ways:

Points can only be used to purchase cards on the Nowtelcards website and cannot be exchanged for cash or used as part payment, please see terms and conditions.

Each time you select to purchase a phone card, you will be given an option to either use your credit card to pay or to spend your points. You must have sufficient points to purchase the phone card of your choice; if you have insufficient points for the phone card you wish to purchase you will not be given the option to pay through this method.


An example of the number of points you will earn when you spend £5,€5 and $5

Each point is valued at £0.01, €0.01 or $0.01


Currency Spend

Points earn

Points Require to Buy

UK £5



EU € 5



US $5




Problems With Buying a Pin Online

Question; can’t add products to shopping cart




1)      Try to type in the www.nowtelcards.co.uk into the web browser address bar, instead of using the last link in your web browser.


2)      Or  Try a different web browser like:



Firefox;  http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/fx/  or


 Safari ;http://www.apple.com/safari/ or


internet Explorer  9; http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/search.aspx?q=internet%20explorer%209


Question, my credit card keeps being rejected




1)      Use a valid credit card

2)      Check with Credit card provider that they have your correct up-to-date address and post code listed for Credit Card

3)      Only use Credit card in the correct Territory, Example; UK Phone Cards purchase with UK Credit Cards only or Irish Phone Cards purchase with Credit Cards only

4)      Try not to use different computers, which will produce different IP addresses

5)      Try not to use your Mobile phone, which will produce multiple IP addresses


Transaction Failure Hints

Wrong Address or Post Code

Multiple IP Addresses

Wrong Territory

Multiple Credit Cards




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