How to Buy

You can Purchase a Nowtel Calling Card through:

Our Website

To purchase a Calling Card online, simply click on “Buy a calling card” link on our homepage and use your bank card or Paypal account to purchase the card and follow the instructions on the screen.

After the payment process is complete, your Calling Card PIN will be displayed. (A PIN is the unique 10 digit number that identifies your Card).

Make a note of your PIN or print it out and keep it in a safe place. A copy of your PIN will be sent to your email address.


Interactive Voice Response i.e. IVR transaction you can carry out over the telephone or cellphone by dialling the below mentioned Access numbers where you will provide your Credit Card number on an automated system to make a payment to us for purchase of Calling Card.

Product Access Number
Baby Talk UK 03309930131
Safari Talk UK 03309930142
Maxi Talk UK 03309930153
Talk Direct UK 03309930173
Talk Home UK 03309930120
World Talk France 0170700848
Top up vouchers are available where you see these signs