Terms and Conditions for Calling

We are Nowtel Distribution Limited. By using the calling card, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
  • Minutes stated are an approximation of the maximum minutes you will receive to that destination and access number combination.
  • Announced minutes may be different to these minutes because they are calculated using the details of the calls that you are actually making.
  • Minutes stated and announced include all charges, as below, and are calculated on the basis that each call is for 4 minutes. We do this because our typical customer makes 4 minute calls.
  • Calls in excess of 4 minutes use 4 advertised minutes for each actual minute of that call duration. For example, if you call for 5 minutes we will deduct 20 minutes from your card.
  • Included charges: each call carries a setup cost of 50p with calls from payphones carrying an additional charge of £1 per minute.
  • For each day that your card is active, used at least once and with credit remaining, we will deduct a 10p maintenance charge.
  • Your service provider may charge you for dialling our access numbers. Please contact your service provider before dialling to confirm their rates as we are not liable for their costs.
  • You agree not to use this card for any immoral, unlawful, improper, offensive or nuisance communication and we reserve our right to inform you of new products, services or other information, including from our associated companies. If you do not want to receive this information let us know at hello@nowtel.co.uk